Strange Broadway Show That is Awesome

See the Book of Mormon on Broadway

Getting tickets for Book of Mormon to see an inspirational hit by Matt Stone and the South Park creators is always a fun evening. Its music concerns the exploitation of the pair of the Mormon missionaries, Elder Cunningham and Elder Price who are sent to Uganda, a poverty stricken place, to convert the locals and to spread the word.

A problem arises when no one believes the claims which Elder Price, who is ignorant and arrogant about the life in Uganda, makes. The missionaries are left in tatters by the villagers who remain cynical because of the religious mistrust and cultural differences. The missionaries have no work other than addressing their own beliefs so as to convey the true meaning of faith to the locals. They are quite stuck-up and old fashioned when it comes to changing with the time and adopting newer practices. Their faith and superstition prove to be the hardest barriers for the Mormon missionaries to penetrate through.

The Broadway show makes it very easy for you to purchase the tickets. There are limited premium seats, so for you to get a best seat location, you can book your seat with Telecharge and Stubhub. You need to buy your ticket as early as now so that you can plan ahead of time. For you to ensure the best performance you can specify the dates you will go for at the theater.

If you want to get a partial view you can get it immediately when you purchase your partial view location. You can get the partial view seat tickets anywhere where the tickets are being sold and there are also standing room locations which are sold in an hour to the performance at the box office.

There are a limited number of tickets which are sold for each performance and they are sold through lotteries. The entries are accepted at the box office starting from two hours prior to every performance. These seats get filled up at lightning speed. So two hours may not really seem like a long time. It’s advisable to not wait until the last minute.

Be warned that there are isolated cases of tickets which are presented at the theater, that are not legitimate. The best way you can avoid being given fraud tickets is by purchasing your ticket in person from the O’ Neil theater or by buying your ticket from the TKTS booth in Times Square. Better safe than sorry!