Can The Chiefs Go 18-0?

Kansas City Chiefs look to become a better team

The Kansas City Chiefs just drafted Dee Ford in the first round of the recently concluded NFL Draft from Auburn. Dee Ford told reporters that he had zero contact with the Chiefs so he was a bit surprised when it was the turn of Kansas City and he heard his name called. Get your cheap Kansas City Chiefs tickets asap because Dee Ford has vowed that he will be prepared when the season starts for whatever the coach of the Chiefs ask him to do. He knows life is tough as a rookie especially at a league like the NFL where the stakes are high and opportunities do not knock at your door every now and then. A linebacker like Dee Ford is not actually an immediate need for the Chiefs but they have high hopes from Ford so they think it will turn out for the better for everyone involved. The Chiefs look to have a fast start this season when they start it with the visiting Tennessee Titans on Sunday, September 7. A week later, they pay the Denver Broncos a visit in what is surely going to be a hotly contested game from start to finish. Both sides are geared to take this match head-on.

The Chiefs are looking towards the future with their pick of Ford since their two linebackers are already past their prime. There is no doubt they think Dee Ford can lead them to a win against the Titans on their first game and that is exactly what is going to happen. However, I think he will make a couple of rookie mistakes against the Broncos since Denver is not a team that will let the Chiefs beat them in a game of cat and mouse, so they will not come out on top there. General Manager John Dorsey thought Dee Ford was the second best pass-rusher in the draft and he just could not let him pass by without selecting him as he saw the best one go with the first pick. The management is showing a lot of confidence in Dee Ford and are giving him the time, space and training required to perform at his very best. His future looks bright if he doesn’t disappoint.

All in all, the Kansas City Chiefs are doing whatever they can in their might to step up their game and prove to be an opposition side to be taken seriously.