Presidential Club

The Stadium Of The Washington Nationals

The Washington Nationals are one of the major league baseball teams that has a reputation of taking full advantage of their home ground. Buy Washington Nationals Baseball Tickets online at a great price today! The team has a reputation of playing well at their home stadium mainly because they get a lot of support from the fans who attend these games. This home stadium for the Nationals is known as Nationals Park and it is located along the Anacostica river in the Navy Yard neighborhood of Washington D.C. This stadium made history as the first stadium to be certified by LEED in the entire United States. The stadium has a sitting capacity of 41,418 which provide ample space for the Nationals’ fans to enjoy watching their team play.

Nationals Park was first used in the year 2008 which was the year its construction was completed. The Washington Nationals played their first game against Baltimore Orioles in an exhibition match where the Nationals won 3-0. This stadium has 23 seating zones with the most notable ones being the grand stand, the center field lounge and the score board pavilion. The stadium’s three luxury seating tires are, the Star and Stripes Club, the PNC Diamond club and the Presidential Club. Seats on the various luxury seating arrangement varies in prices with seats on the Presidential Club being the most expensive and those in the Stars and Stripes Club being the most affordable. This gives fans options to choose the seats according to the amount they are willing to spend. That seems like a fair bargain.

Besides the Washington Nationals entertaining their fans in this stadium, other non baseball events have also taken place in this stadium. One of the most notable events that took place in this stadium is Pope Benedict XVI celebrating mass in this stadium on April 2008. During this time more than two hundred thousand people had requested for tickets but only forty seven thousand people were able to get into the stadium. This stadium is also connected with various means of transport from different directions and hence fans can readily attend their games easily. The stadium also has ample parking space and hence fans driving to this stadium do not have to worry about parking. Therefore, fans of the Nationals have a great opportunity to watch their team play conveniently on the Nationals Park. It’s no surprise that this crowd is one of the most passionate crowds of all time.