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Cowboys Stink Again!

Dallas Cowboys Star Players

Get cheap Dallas Cowboys tickets to see this professional football team outfit headquartered at Irving Texas, the exact location of this club is at Valley Ranch. It plays in the National Senior League category. The Eastern level of the National Football Federation or conference as it’s known, within the metros area of Dallas, with their main arena stadium being located at Arlington. The AT&T stadium boasts a seating capacity of 80,000 with an elegant design to boost it. This offers an excellent revenue source for Dallas Cowboys, the stadium is owned by city.

Dallas cowboys has produced several star players in the baseball fraternity, however, we will pick a few. These are some of the stars who have given it its fame. Zack Martin, a twenty three year old Indianapolis born, is one of the Dallas cowboys’ star players of recent time. He specialized in offensive attack. His level gives him more susceptibility to make debuts and score points. The cowboys drafted him at 16 points overall at the National Football League drafting. The drafting was done by his current team in 2014. He formerly played for his high school in Notre Dame. This long haired with 140kg weight is a mass of human being with excellent football prowess. His current performances include a very good show when the Cowboys picked him at 16 points. This earned them B+. Martin is very flexible such that he plays offensive defensive and tackle at the same time.

Antonio Romo, also known as Tony Romo, is another good player for Dallas cowboys with many years as quarterback footballer. At 34 years he is one of the mature star players in the team. His career was honed in college where he played a lot. He was formerly playing at Eastern Illinois University. He is married to Candice Crawford with one child Hawkins. With a salary of about $11 million he is regarded as one of the most sought footballers currently. He rated the highest at 109.2 in 2012 playing against Bears.

Jason Witten is undoubtedly one of the Cowboys’ super star players this time. He plays in the tight ends category with the cowboys. At 32 years he is considered to be a veteran in baseball. He married Mitchell Witten and they are blessed with two children. He formerly played for University of Tennessee where he was picked at the round three in 2003 by the Cowboys. With a salary of over $ 3 million dollars, he is one of the best paid in his category. He has accumulated more than 9,700 yards from 2003 to 2013 in Dallas Cowboys.

Can’t Stop Won’t Stop

The Baltimore Orioles Are a Force to be Reckoned With

The Baltimore Orioles are no doubt one of the best teams in Major League Baseball so buy your Baltimore Orioles tickets cheap today. They are a team with great history and a winning mentality. It doesn’t come as a surprise that they are pegged to finish off at the top of the table. They have a fantastic stadium in Oriole Park, with passionate fans who really encourage them to push on to glory. Their stadium is almost always at full capacity giving them strong home performances which also translate into wins. Their track record speaks for itself, their good run last year saw them come out with 18 wins and the least losses in the division compared to the other teams. They have one of the best home records at home. They have the best home runs and defense in the division with stellar players like Adam Jones, Nelson Cruz and Nick Markakis. As they go into their next games with big names and the backing of passionate fans, they have a pretty good chance of winning them.

Apart from having a deep roster which contains high quality and well-motivated players, they are on a good run. They have picked up six wins in their last eight games with a success rate of seventy-five percent. They have beaten teams such as Pittsburg and Tampa bay. They picked themselves up after a difficult April run and the momentum is with them right now. Baltimore Orioles have always picked themselves up after difficult periods and they usually follow them up with winning streaks that often get the better of their opponents. Their next opponents are Kansas City, whom they have a good record against. They will be confident of winning that game for sure. They have the hottest player in the division right now in Ubaldo Jimenez. He has enabled them to improve their position in various power rankings and more importantly, in the league. He has been putting in remarkable performances and has really carried the team on his shoulders. He has almost single-handedly changed the fate of this team in this championship. Fixtures against Cleveland and Pittsburgh are tricky given that they have a mixed record against those teams. It could go either way. Their less than impressive ‘away’ record might see them slip up against Pittsburgh and they are likely to pick a win against Cleveland. But who knows. Only time will tell if this prediction comes true or not.

Presidential Club

The Stadium Of The Washington Nationals

The Washington Nationals are one of the major league baseball teams that has a reputation of taking full advantage of their home ground. Buy Washington Nationals Baseball Tickets online at a great price today! The team has a reputation of playing well at their home stadium mainly because they get a lot of support from the fans who attend these games. This home stadium for the Nationals is known as Nationals Park and it is located along the Anacostica river in the Navy Yard neighborhood of Washington D.C. This stadium made history as the first stadium to be certified by LEED in the entire United States. The stadium has a sitting capacity of 41,418 which provide ample space for the Nationals’ fans to enjoy watching their team play.

Nationals Park was first used in the year 2008 which was the year its construction was completed. The Washington Nationals played their first game against Baltimore Orioles in an exhibition match where the Nationals won 3-0. This stadium has 23 seating zones with the most notable ones being the grand stand, the center field lounge and the score board pavilion. The stadium’s three luxury seating tires are, the Star and Stripes Club, the PNC Diamond club and the Presidential Club. Seats on the various luxury seating arrangement varies in prices with seats on the Presidential Club being the most expensive and those in the Stars and Stripes Club being the most affordable. This gives fans options to choose the seats according to the amount they are willing to spend. That seems like a fair bargain.

Besides the Washington Nationals entertaining their fans in this stadium, other non baseball events have also taken place in this stadium. One of the most notable events that took place in this stadium is Pope Benedict XVI celebrating mass in this stadium on April 2008. During this time more than two hundred thousand people had requested for tickets but only forty seven thousand people were able to get into the stadium. This stadium is also connected with various means of transport from different directions and hence fans can readily attend their games easily. The stadium also has ample parking space and hence fans driving to this stadium do not have to worry about parking. Therefore, fans of the Nationals have a great opportunity to watch their team play conveniently on the Nationals Park. It’s no surprise that this crowd is one of the most passionate crowds of all time.

Can The Chiefs Go 18-0?

Kansas City Chiefs look to become a better team

The Kansas City Chiefs just drafted Dee Ford in the first round of the recently concluded NFL Draft from Auburn. Dee Ford told reporters that he had zero contact with the Chiefs so he was a bit surprised when it was the turn of Kansas City and he heard his name called. Get your cheap Kansas City Chiefs tickets asap because Dee Ford has vowed that he will be prepared when the season starts for whatever the coach of the Chiefs ask him to do. He knows life is tough as a rookie especially at a league like the NFL where the stakes are high and opportunities do not knock at your door every now and then. A linebacker like Dee Ford is not actually an immediate need for the Chiefs but they have high hopes from Ford so they think it will turn out for the better for everyone involved. The Chiefs look to have a fast start this season when they start it with the visiting Tennessee Titans on Sunday, September 7. A week later, they pay the Denver Broncos a visit in what is surely going to be a hotly contested game from start to finish. Both sides are geared to take this match head-on.

The Chiefs are looking towards the future with their pick of Ford since their two linebackers are already past their prime. There is no doubt they think Dee Ford can lead them to a win against the Titans on their first game and that is exactly what is going to happen. However, I think he will make a couple of rookie mistakes against the Broncos since Denver is not a team that will let the Chiefs beat them in a game of cat and mouse, so they will not come out on top there. General Manager John Dorsey thought Dee Ford was the second best pass-rusher in the draft and he just could not let him pass by without selecting him as he saw the best one go with the first pick. The management is showing a lot of confidence in Dee Ford and are giving him the time, space and training required to perform at his very best. His future looks bright if he doesn’t disappoint.

All in all, the Kansas City Chiefs are doing whatever they can in their might to step up their game and prove to be an opposition side to be taken seriously.

Dallas Concerts Live!


It’s not only about cowboys and boots down south in Dallas. It’s the “swagger” that the place personifies, and the life that flows through its heart. With bigwigs stopping by to perform every month-day, week – the city sees much action on the music front and hosts thousands of concerts every year. So, buy concert tickets online  to save time because here are the names of some of the artists who are going to be performing concerts in Dallas, Texas in the next few days:

1. Dave Matthews Band: I thought I’d start with the best of them all, but I may be biased. With hits like “Ants Marching”, “Crash into me”, and “Stay”, DMB is as versatile a band as the word goes. They are the only band who has had six consecutive albums debut at the No. 1 spot on the Billboard chart. They perform in Dallas at the Gexa Energy Pavilion on Saturday, May 17, 2014.

2. The Pretty Reckless: With Gossip Girl actress Taylor Momsen as the front woman, The Pretty Reckless started their Journey as “The Reckless” in 2007, and have since then released two studio albums, both of which catapulted them to fame. Their notable songs include “Just tonight”, “Zombie” and “Light me Up”. They will perform in Dallas at the Gexa Energy Pavilion on Sunday, June 1, 2014.

3. Neon Trees: Neon Trees started out in 2005, but received their big break when they opened several tours for the band, The Killers. A pop rock, alternative rock band, they are known for their songs “Animal”, “Everybody Talks” and “Mad Love”. They will perform in Dallas at the House of Blues on Sunday, June 1, 2014.

4. The Goo Goo Dolls: When it comes to beautiful music, there is none that can compete with The Goo Goo Dolls. Known for hit songs like “Iris”, “Let Love in” and “Name”, Goo Goo Dolls is an all-things rock band. Their single “Iris” ranked No. 1 on Billboard’s “Top 100 Pop Songs 1992-2012” and ruled the Hot 100 Airplay Chart for 18 consecutive weeks. They will perform in Dallas at the Gexa Energy Pavilion on Wednesday, Jun 25, 2014.

5. Fall Out Boy: Last on our list is the Pop Punk band Fall Out Boy, who exploded on the music scene with their single “Sugar, We’re going down” and “Dance, Dance”. After a three year hiatus, they returned bigger and better and gave their fans a treat in their song “My Songs Know what you did in the Dark”. They will perform in Dallas at the Gexa Energy Pavilion on Tuesday, August 5, 2014.

World Series Guestimations

Los Angeles Dodgers: Next World Series Champs?

One of the teams that will be playing a number of intense games this season is the Dodgers, so get your discount dodgers tickets today! This is one of the teams that has a number of great players. The Dodgers made some good offseason moves this past year which has put them in an enviable position for the 2014 season. Some individuals who follow sports feel that it’s not unlikely that the Dodgers will go all the way in 2014. Their chances of clinching a World Series berth are not all that unlikely since they have some good pitching stats, and some great batters. Many of their current players are good and can lead them into the game. Some of the offseason trades and acquisitions that were made this year include the likes of Perez for pitching relief.

One of the things that make the Dodgers possible world series contenders is the fact that they have a number of individuals on their team that are stellar. For instance, Kershaw has led the league for the past 3 years and is one of the best pitchers in baseball. The Dodgers also have some other solid players on the team. Puig and Crawford are some exciting players to watch out for this year. They should not be traded and are expected to put in a stellar performance this year. Other players that may allow the Dodgers to have a winning season would include the addition of Guerro, who should do well and make sure the tame will sizzle in terms on their batting. The Dodgers traded an infielder, Sellers, to the Indians on Sunday for cash. Sellers was put on assignment by the Dodgers Feb. 22 to allow for infielder Erisbel Arruebarrena.

Relief Pitcher Chris Perez was another deal signed by the Dodgers in the off season. Perez is one of the best relief pitchers in the game and should be handy to have in the bullpen. Also the Dodgers may be looking forward to the recent defector and Cuban best hitter Guerro.
The Dodgers have done well in their early games and Kershaw’s contract was recently extended for 7 years. All in all this should lead to a great season for the LA Dodgers. Look for 2014 to be the year of the Los Angeles Dodgers, as the combination of the strength in their players and the off season acquisitions have made this team one to watch in 2014. Watch out for them to have a very good year indeed.

Giants IN NYC!

New York Giants poised to dominate

It was clear that New York Giants General Manager Jerry Reese was not going to let a player of Odell Beckham Jr.’s talent pass by as they selected him with the no. 12 pick in the draft. This should make all Giants fans get there cheap NY Giants tickets asap. They loved everything about him including how he talked to them when they interviewed him at the combine. They are fully aware that he is a guy who can score a touchdown in so many ways and that’s what makes him a wonderful player. Jerry Reese is right about Odell Beckham Jr. being a talented player but who knows if he is indeed the right player to be selected as the no. 12 pick in the NFL draft. The problem is that the Giants have had problems with their recent draft picks over the years especially during the second rounds and third rounds. However, that is not taking away anything from Beckham who looks to have a bright future ahead of him if the Giants opt to keep him. This will be there at the back of their minds and is a decision that the Giants will need to make with great caution.

There is a lot of talent at wide receiver in the first round so nobody knows why the New York Giants selected a player who is less than 6 feet tall since height matters in a contact sport like this. We’re not sure if that is deliberate or whether they were short of quality options. However, he did go to the same high school as Peyton Manning. Some of Manning will rub off on him which will do him good and they will have a chance to play alongside each other when the New York Giants start the season by hosting the Buffalo Bills on August 3. Six days later, they will host the Pittsburgh Steelers. They have a busy week ahead of them and they are lucky to be home for their first two games and they will take advantage of it especially since they added Odell Beckham Jr. who is a real fast player and speed plays a vital role in winning games in the NFL. They will win both games then lose on the road on their next game against the powerful Colts. But if they manage to beat the might of the Colts then they have a sure shot chance to remain at the top and perhaps even go on to win the championship.

Strange Broadway Show That is Awesome

See the Book of Mormon on Broadway

Getting tickets for Book of Mormon to see an inspirational hit by Matt Stone and the South Park creators is always a fun evening. Its music concerns the exploitation of the pair of the Mormon missionaries, Elder Cunningham and Elder Price who are sent to Uganda, a poverty stricken place, to convert the locals and to spread the word.

A problem arises when no one believes the claims which Elder Price, who is ignorant and arrogant about the life in Uganda, makes. The missionaries are left in tatters by the villagers who remain cynical because of the religious mistrust and cultural differences. The missionaries have no work other than addressing their own beliefs so as to convey the true meaning of faith to the locals. They are quite stuck-up and old fashioned when it comes to changing with the time and adopting newer practices. Their faith and superstition prove to be the hardest barriers for the Mormon missionaries to penetrate through.

The Broadway show makes it very easy for you to purchase the tickets. There are limited premium seats, so for you to get a best seat location, you can book your seat with Telecharge and Stubhub. You need to buy your ticket as early as now so that you can plan ahead of time. For you to ensure the best performance you can specify the dates you will go for at the theater.

If you want to get a partial view you can get it immediately when you purchase your partial view location. You can get the partial view seat tickets anywhere where the tickets are being sold and there are also standing room locations which are sold in an hour to the performance at the box office.

There are a limited number of tickets which are sold for each performance and they are sold through lotteries. The entries are accepted at the box office starting from two hours prior to every performance. These seats get filled up at lightning speed. So two hours may not really seem like a long time. It’s advisable to not wait until the last minute.

Be warned that there are isolated cases of tickets which are presented at the theater, that are not legitimate. The best way you can avoid being given fraud tickets is by purchasing your ticket in person from the O’ Neil theater or by buying your ticket from the TKTS booth in Times Square. Better safe than sorry!